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Alolan Dodrio (Fan-made) By Pikafan2000 Watch. 20 Favourites. Looks like a Mega Dodrio. Reply. Pikafan2000 Dec 26, 2016.

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And in text form: Abomasnow, Aipom, Alolan Vulpix, Ambipom, Amoonguss, Arbok, Ariados, Articuno, Audino, Azurill, Baltoy, Barboach, Beartic, Beedrill, Bellsprout Kangaskhan is the pokemon whish has one type (Normal) from the 1 generation. You can find all information about it in our website. Alolan Graveler is a Daul-Type Pok茅mon of both Rock and Electric.

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Pokemon dodrio 47. Language Card : english. Creation Date : 24 September 2015. Pokemon Passport. Name : dodrio.

Unofficial Alolan Dodrio Dibujos de pokemon, Dibujos . - Pinterest

Being immune to Thunderbolt + Toxic and threatening Zapdos with Rock Slide or Toxic of its own, make Alolan Dugtio a threat! It also checks Mega Alakazam! Alolan Dodrio Concept Art. pokegramds 08/15/16. 46.

Unofficial Alolan Dodrio Dibujos de pokemon, Dibujos . - Pinterest

Evolves from Doduo. Parent of the following tags: dodrio (cameo). Alolan Geodude. Graveler. Farfetch'd. Doduo.

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Shiny Alolan Rattata - Wild. Shiny Alolan Raticate - Evolution. Shiny Ekans, Shiny Arbok. Shiny Doduo, Shiny Dodrio. Shiny Doduo - Research Encounters, Wild.

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Alolan Dugtrio. 122 Unbroken Bonds. Explore alolandorio. dodrio pokemonfanart pokemonvariations alolanforms alolanpokemon alolandoduo. Alolan Doduo and Dodrio.